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What is DCLM UK

Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) is a registered Charity (no. 1150036) and Company limited by guarantee (no. 08134602). The DCLM website is designed to help us administer our church and provide all elements of pastoral care to our members and the community. Our members may be provided with access to their own user account, which they can use to provide us with information (including personal information), update preferences and access options to allow the booking of events and recording attendance. The Services should bring benefits to the Charity and the Users, as we can stay in touch with them more easily and users can provide us with information in a quick and efficient way.

In addition to this website, we may also collect information from you in person, on paper or online forms within other systems. We have also included information about other forms of processing that we may carry out.

What is the purpose of this Privacy Policy?

Deeper Christian Life Ministry is a “data controller,” which means we have to tell you certain information when processing your personal data. We may input personal information into our database or may ask you to do so yourself. We may collect information from you in person or we may ask you to fill in paper forms or input information into other systems that the church uses.

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or how we use your personal information, please contact Paul Akowe [Our Data Protection Lead] on 02072236838 or email

This Privacy Policy relates to your use of our Services and tells you:

  1. What personal information we collect about you when you use the Services
  2. How we collect your personal information
  3. How we use your personal information
  4. Who we may share your personal information with
  5. Any transfer of personal information outside of the EEA
  6. How long we keep your personal information
  7. What we do to protect your personal information
  8. What choices you have in relation to your personal information
We last updated this Privacy Policy on 24/05/2018


We may collect the following information about you when you attend church and speak to us in person. You may also fill in one of our paper forms or a form available in a different electronic system:

  1. Your name and address
  2. your mobile phone numbers
  3. your email addresses
  4. whether or not you are ordained
  5. any pastoral responsibility you hold
  6. your marital status
  7. your age and gender
  8. information about your family
  9. your education and employment
  10. your role(s) within the church (if appropriate)
  11. any membership of a local Church or status as a representative for the church
  12. attendance at meetings, events and training
  13. to carry out a DBS check
  14. the result of a DBS check
  15. information about your use of the Services (e.g. when you have logged in, what pages you visited)
  16. information we collect and record as part of pastoral care (this will include anything you tell us unless you tell us not to record it)
  17. payment details when booking events
  18. donations to the church
  19. Any other information you provide to us
  20. Any teams or groups you are involved with
  21. When you are unavailable for serving on rota
  22. Dates and times that you are on a rota


The Deeper Life Bible Church, a multinational Holiness Church grounded in the Bible, began in Lagos, Nigeria in 1973 with 15 members, led by its founder and General Superintendent, Pastor Dr. William F. Kumuyi.

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